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Organising DERT 2004
Tyzack Swords... Where are they now?
In the beginning
Toronto Women's Sword to visit Stone Monkey
Why those tunes?
Rapparound 17
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Some thoughts on Kit
All Dressed Up...
Keeping the tradition alive
Memories of an Earsdon Old Boy
Beer and Rappering
Snapping Rappers
Tragic death of the man who made it all possible
Northumberland's Dancing Miners
A North East Tour
The 1923 Newcastle Rapper Competition
The formation of the Newcastle Kingsmen
Rollicking Rapper - the Kingsmen's 1951 tour
Sallyport at 30 - views through the haze
Conversions at Coxhoe
From the Hexham Courant, 9th October 1890
The Cats whip Murton out of the archives
Murton - revisited
Lost Rapper Teams - Beltane Rapper
So how come the flaky reputation?
DERT 1994
DERT 1995
DERT 1996
DERT 1998 - an organiser's view
DERT 1998 youth tournament
DERT 1999
Account of DERT 2003
Here come de Judge - Talking DERTy
Scarborough Sword Spectacular 1996
Whitby Sword Spectacular 1998
Osteopaths and Beer - Northgate go Sidmouth 1996
Northgate go a-crawling
Rapper team gated!!
Super Bock - Super Time
Stone Monkeys discovered in Amsterdam
Morris Federation Rapper Workshop
Mabel Strikes Again!
DERT 2007
Judging DERT 2007
Organising DERT 2007
Bus Passes for the Over-60s
Pitmatic dictionary published
The Bamford Initiative
Cecil Sharp - a view from Grenoside
Lost Rapper Teams: Eastwood Rapper
Mrs Thrales Diary
DERT 2008
Judgement Day
Black Rigg Rapper
The Men of Sweyn's Ey
Lost rapper teams: Plain Brown Rapper
Demon Barbers Championships
Stephen Corrsin on rapper
85 ways to tie a rapper lock
The Sword Makers of Shotley Bridge
A short ‘break’ in France
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